Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The Comparison between men and women in math performance with effects different hormones            0000-00-00
2    A study on the effectiveness of different hormones in learning style ,working memory capacity ,math attitude and anxiety between men and women            0000-00-00
3    A comparison On The Performance Of Students' Mathematical Problem Solving Based On Revised Bloom Taxonomy    M.Sc.    Radmehr, Farzad    2011-01-05
4    Integrating the Revised Bloom’sTaxonomy With Multiple Intelligences on mathematical performance in middle school    M.Sc.    hamedian, saleheh    2011-04-04
5    A study on the effectiveness of math anxiety,attitude,attention and Working Memory Capacity on students    M.Sc.    Hajibaba, Maryam    2011-04-04
6    A study on the effectiveness of mathematics difficulties on students` attitue and math anexity    M.Sc.    mobasher, tayebeh    2011-05-05
7    A Study On Mathematical Literacy in Elementary , Middle school and High school with The effectiveness of cognitive style and gender on it.    M.Sc.    afkhami banaem, robabeh    2011-05-08
8    Homework and math achievement and The mediating variables role of working memory capacity ,cognitive style and math self efficacy for them    M.Sc.    MOOSAVI, SHIMA    2011-05-17
9    An exploration of students’ problem solving behaviours    M.Sc.    eatsami rad, zahra    2011-07-06
10    A Study on the effectiveness of different hormones on predictive factors of mathematical performance    M.Sc.    Amani, Abbas    2011-09-22
11    A study on student’s mathematical Concept image regarding cognitive styles and different spatial ability    M.Sc.    ebrahimi, moazzam    2012-02-06
12    A Model for students' mathematical problem solving in calculus , algebra1 and analysis1    M.Sc.    daneshamooz, saeed    2012-03-04
13    The role of goal orientations for students\' mathematical performance at school of engineering sciences of Ferdowsi univeristy of Mashhad    M.Sc.    zaherbin oshbi, ozra    2012-05-04
14    A study on the individual differences between middle school twin girls' mathematical performance and its predictors    M.Sc.    moshkabadi mohajer, masoome    2012-05-04
15    A study on the relationship between math anxiety,math self efficacy,creative thinking,learning styles and mathematical problem solving on students' mathematical problem posing    M.Sc.    mousavi nezhad, seyedeh hamideh    2012-06-27
16    Spectral graph clustering ,Agglomerative Hierarchical and Non-hierarchical clustering for mathematics education research data    Ph.D    Radmehr, Farzad    2012-07-05
17    The role of learning strategies at three dimensions: cognitive, metacognitive and management on K10 learners' Mathematical performance    M.Sc.    hedayati, fahimeh    2013-02-18
18    The relationship between iron deficiency, anemia , Mathematical performance and its predictive factors    M.Sc.    abedi, robabeh    2013-02-18
19    Exploring Iranian-Islamic Ethnomathematics and its potentials on teaching mathematics    M.Sc.    ziae tohidi, ali reza    2013-02-18
20    A study on the effects of cogntive style on mathematics teachers\\\' cognitive abilities    M.Sc.    Azari, Safoura    2013-03-10
21    A study on the role of cognitive style in applying metacognitive strategies in solving word mathematical problems    M.Sc.    bargi, mahdi    2013-04-22
22    The Study Of Components Of Event-Related Brain Potentials (ERP) Of Students With High And Low Knowledge On The Topic Of Function During Addressing The Function Tasks    Ph.D    farsad, najmeh    2013-09-08
23    Investigating the Effect of Teaching Mathematical Modeling Problems on Students’ Flow Experience and their Performance in Various Mathematical Problems, Goal Orientation and their Attitude Towards Mathematics    Ph.D    Parhizgar, Bibizakieh    2013-09-09
24    The study of the effectiveness of student\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s learning styles ,working memory capacity ,math anxiety ,goal orientations ,math attitude and math attention in retention of mathematical content in grade 7    M.Sc.    davari roshkhar, mojtaba    2014-03-03
25    Study and Comparison on effect of mathematics teaching and neurofeedback on abilities of neuropsychological and learning of mathematics in spectrum autism children    M.Sc.    alizadeh, mohadeseh    2014-05-12
26    The role of teaching practices in the development of children’s interest in reading and mathematics in kindergarten    M.Sc.    delbaz, alireza    2014-07-07
27    The effect of the teaching by concept map on academic achievement and retention and, skills of self-regulation of mathematics    M.Sc.    nakhaee, azam    2014-07-07
28    Comparison of student's performance in representation of geometric sequence problems with two cognitive styles convergent / divergent    M.Sc.    Azarm, Batool    2014-07-07
29    Investigate the relationship between working memory capacity, fluid intelligence and the ability to solve math problems first grade of high school female students Bakherz city    M.Sc.    JALAL AHMADI, PARI NAZ    2014-11-02
30    scrutinize influence value of mobil, crystalline intelligence and memory capacity over mathematical efficiency of students in normal and talent schools.    M.Sc.    ghanei aghkariz, Majid    2014-12-08
31    analyzing seven grad mathematic books to investigate how much teachers have got to writer desiredgoals    M.Sc.    khalilabadi, mohamadreza    2015-01-05
32    effect of procedural and conceptual teachers knowledge on students understanding in trigonometry    M.Sc.    mizban, maryam    2015-06-01
33    Use of Maple for Creation Multiple Representations in Teaching and Learning Derivative under the APOS Theory Framework    Ph.D    Borji, vahid    2015-09-21
34    An Introduce of a mathematical model for prediction of mathematical performance    Ph.D    amani, abbas    2015-09-21
35    Study on undergraduate students's combinatorial thinking and identify obstacles on understanding of combinatorial structures    Ph.D    salavatinejad, naghme    2015-09-21
36    Exploring students' mathematical comprehension in a paper-pencil and a dynamic assessment    Ph.D    Kolahdouz, Fahimeh    2015-09-22
37    content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge and student performance in trignometry    Ph.D    abedi, robabeh    2015-09-22
38    The effect of teaching software to improve learning and reducing misconception in grade 2 high school mathematics studentd    M.Sc.    rahimian, hoorieh    2015-12-23
39    Examining students’ performance in solving problems about fractional and decimal numbers based on SOLO taxonomy    M.Sc.    Taghizadeh, Behruz    2016-05-09
40    A Comparative Study and Comparison of the Understanding of Third-Year Students of Mentally and Students in High Schools of Ferdows and Mahvelat Citys from the Concept of Conducting the Framework for APOS Theory    M.Sc.    gomnam, hossein    2016-05-09
41    Study of ability of 11th grade students' proof for mathematical proving and disproving of propositions on the subject of algebraic functions in Mashhad city    M.Sc.    moradi, kobra    2016-09-19
42    Evaluating the Understanding of the Fourth Grade High School Female Students from Riemann Integral Based on David Talls Three World Theory    M.Sc.    Rezaei, Abdullah    2016-10-24
43    Survey the Problem-Solving and Problem-Posing Abilities of Middle students (Experimental Sciences) in Consept of Trigonometry    M.Sc.    ahmad nia feiz abad, zahra    2016-11-27
44    Using of art in the mathematics education based on STEAM education    M.Sc.    Sajadi, Naemeh    2017-04-10
45    Impact of using Geogebra software in formal caculus(1) curriculum on improving Students understanding of the limit concept    M.Sc.    sarabi, hamid    2018-05-14